Merlin's cloud-hosted toolset, Alchemy, enables your company to easily create new or transform existing content into Merlin content and ensure its delivery to iOS and Android devices. Our content is easy to update and merlinanalyticsTM provides a new level of insight into your employees' and customers' experience!
Easy to Create
With Merlin, accessing specific instructions is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply:
1) Scan a Target, Barcode, Machine Code, QR Code or enter an Error Code
2) Point the camera at your Subject
3) Start following your Merlin instructions!

Integrate additional features such as Text, Initiate a Call or Real-time Diagramming for additional functionalities.
Easy to Use
Merlin creates and delivers training and support content for companies and content developers in significant vertical markets. Target markets include Telecom, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Self-Service and Utilities. Our customers consistently provide us with new ideas and applications!

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Endless Applications
Increase productivity up to 56% and cut training and support costs with Merlin!
Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that is already part of your life today, and it will continue to enhance your world in ways never before imagined. AR is defined as the integration of digital information with live video, or the user's environment, in real time.

While AR has been around since the mid 90's, it has required heavy and expensive equipment. Today, a new generation of mobile devices has made AR available to everyone. One has the ability to view AR content through smartphones and tablets as well as through eyewear technology, allowing for hands-free instruction.
What is AR?
Did you know that the First Down Line and the Line of Scrimage you see in football broadcasts are examples of AR? The lines, along with their related information, are superimposed over the live event, viewed through your television, to provide you with additional information. You might even be tricked for a moment into believing the lines are actually there.

Use of AR in sports recordings is becoming more widespread. When watching a basketball game, for example, important players are often highlighted by displaying an animated circle beneath their feet to allow the viewer to easily focus on his actions.
AR in Sports
At Merlin, Inc, we use Augmented Reality (AR), to deliver technical instructions to iOS and Android devices. Equipment, devices or parts are viewed "live" through the camera of a mobile device. While viewing, a transparent layer appears, providing step-by-step instructions.

Studies demonstrate that 82% of learners struggle making the mental jump from traditional instructions to the physical object they are working on. Merlin eliminates this hurdle by displaying instructions in situ, or "directly over" the subject matter.
Merlin & AR
What is Augmented Reality and how is it in use today?
Our SaaS platform, Alchemy, enables the creation and delivery of product centric, mobile AR content for Marketing, Use & Care, and Service & Support applications. Merlin's content can be viewed on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices without the need for any specialized hardware or software. Empower your employees and customers with information when they need it.
SaaS to Mobile Platform
Did you know that learners successfully complete instructional tasks up to 56% faster with the aid of Augmented Reality, or AR as it is more commonly known? Would you like to learn more about this game-changing technology?
Enhance Performance
Enable your customers and employees to branch your AR content, create their own versions and share on social media, enabling a new level of insight as to how they view, experience and interact with your brand.
Real-time Collaboration
Bring your products to life with Merlin's Augmented Reality Platform Alchemy
Check out Merlin's repair demo with an exploded parts
view and bill of materials integration.
See how Merlin makes diagnosing printer issues easy!
Merlin enables trying out this Haier wine cooler before
Watch Merlin bring paper instructions to life!
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